How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

In its initial days, people thought Bitcoin transactions are shady and anonymous, but as the time passed, the hard truth came out.

The system is secure but anonymous? Not at all. When you register yourself with a bitcoin exchange, they need to follow the KYC norms of United States. Then you have to initiate a bank transfer for the amount.

Buy Bitcoins AnonymouslyNot everyone supports the credit card method because of chargebacks. You can’t revert a Bitcoin transaction, but credit card transaction can be sent back to the bank accounts.

But at the exchanges which support credit card, the deal is in an instant. You do have to pay a higher fee for card transaction but how to buy Bitcoins with credit card, no verification?

Here, in this article, are some of the ways to buy Bitcoin instantly, no verification.

P2P meetings by LocalBitcoins –

If you want to buy Bitcoins anonymously, the best way is to purchase face to face with a local Bitcoin seller. LocalBitcoins is a peer to peer exchange which facilitates such meeting, and it functions in 248 countries worldwide. You need an email verification to sign up, but don t require an ID to start trading there.

Sellers publish their ads on the website, you negotiate the rate and then fix a meeting to buy Bitcoins in cash or make a PayPal transfer or wire, as decided. And if you are wondering how to convert Bitcoins to cash anonymously, LBC works the other way too. You can post an ad as a seller and get cash in exchange for Bitcoins.

Cash deposit through Wall of Coins –

Wall of CoinsAnother peer-to-peer marketplace is Wall of Coins. Unlike LBC, which has different payment methods available, Wall of Coins has only a cash system. The buyer and seller communicate online, and you can then, deposit the cash in a local bank branch. With 100,000+ locations supported in the US, you sure have one nearby.

Apart from cash deposit at a bank, it also has the option for Money Gram and Western Union money transfer. Whatever mode you choose, notify them after you make the deposit. It offers a competitive exchange rate, and you only need to provide a phone number and a postal code (to locate nearby branches).

Prepaid Credit Card at CoinMama –

If you are looking for a bitcoin exchange, no verification, CoinMama is there for you. You can sign up for the service with your name, phone number and email address. The exchange does need an ID verification, but for the first $150 you can do away without that.

CoinMama lets you buy Bitcoins with a prepaid card, which is available at many places without verification. The exchange provides its services in over 200 countries, and you get the Bitcoins in a wallet in real time.

Put your cash in a Bitcoin ATM –

Although still very few, Bitcoin ATMs are one of the best ways to get your hands on Bitcoin without ID. You deposit the cash in it, and the ATM asks your public address to transfer the equivalent BTCs to your wallet.

Bitcoin ATMs around the worldThere isn’t any verification process, and you stay anonymous. The downside is that you may have to pay up to 10% more than the exchange rate. And they also work the other way – you can sell Bitcoins in exchange for cash. But how to find a nearby Bitcoin ATM?

There are services like CoinATMradar which map the Bitcoin ATMs around the world, installed by any company. You can check if the ATM operates in both the buy mode and sell mode, and how much extra does it charge?

Trade altcoins at ShapeShift

Apart from CoinMama, there are exchanges like ShapeShift where you can buy Bitcoins anonymously. You don’t have to create an account there, but it accepts only altcoins. FYI, any cryptocurrency except Bitcoins are altcoins (alternative to Bitcoins). (Look at our Top 10 Exchanges here)

So, if you own some Ethers or Litecoins, convert it to Bitcoins here and send it to a wallet. There also are other cryptos available for you to swap.

You may have bought the altcoins with a verified account, and can now send it to your paper Bitcoin wallet created without verification. There also are other websites, like BitFinex and Changelly which offers services like ShapeShift.

Above were some of the popular methods to own Bitcoins without the need of providing any ID. When you need to enter your email address or phone number, you can do away with an alias for the verification. Wish you a happy investment.

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