The Benefits of SEO for Cryptocurrency (Crypto SEO)

If there was anything that lived in cyberspace, it is cryptocurrencies. They contain nothing physical and invisible to the naked eye, and the only way they appear to have value is from numbers on the screen.

With all this aside, there are a vast number of cryptocurrencies which will over time serve a purpose.

Finding Cryptocurrencies

There are a few ways you can locate cryptocurrencies on the internet, but as with all things search they can get lost in a sea of results.

To prove this, if you type crypto, you’ll get Bitcoin showing, if you type blockchain, you’ll more than likely get a few mentions of bitcoin as well as a few blockchain results.

cryptocurrency rankFor the vast number of other cryptocurrencies, this poses a huge problem. How can anyone find them?

There are websites which show the current cryptocurrency rank which is all well and good, but if anyone is searching through Google, it is harder to find the results you’re looking for.

As was mentioned you are more than likely to be presented with a bitcoin opportunity than one of the thousand or so crypto’s which exist.

ICO offerings

Initial coin offerings fall foul of the same when searching, and most of what comes up is the significant coins which ICO rankingsare at the top of the rankings chart.

Many of these companies are crying out for investors, and unless an investor searches specifically for ICO rankings, they might find they miss a golden opportunity.

As it stands the market is swamped with crypto’s and of which there are good ones and bad ones. A lot of sites can be found, and the company has no real backing and is hoping to make some quick money from unsuspecting investors.

With only a promise and a whitepaper on their supposed blockchain application, they aim to hold an ICO offering which is nothing more than a smokescreen before they vanish.

More Business Opportunities

In what might be an oversaturated market for cryptocurrencies, there are opportunities to be had for those wishing to look for it. Bitcoin business opportunities can come in many ways and knowing how to fully exploit SEO can be to your advantage.

As the months unfold, there is still plenty of scope for websites and blogs to be developed and built around cryptocurrencies.

There is also the consideration of all the decentralized applications which will be prominent, how will SEO affect them. As this bypasses some of the current infrastructures, there could be an entirely different way of using SEO on the blockchain.

Blockchain SEO

Big investors are now turning their attention to the blockchain, and it doesn’t matter which variant it is. Not only investors but large corporations such as Disney are looking at using one to ease their systems and improve on what they can offer.

SEO in CryptocurrencyBlockchain SEO will do nothing but increase over the next couple of years, and make sure you are on board from this point forward can be one of the best moves to make. As it was said, there are numerous opportunities for anyone, and this shows no sign of slowing down.

Some professionals say cryptocurrencies are a bubble, and in some cases, this might be true. There are various crypto’s which bring nothing new, and an over-inflated price will rapidly vanish.

The big companies though who put their cryptocurrency marketing as one of their top priorities will be around for quite a while.

Aged Domains

Aged domains can be another golden opportunity when they relate to cryptocurrencies and need some tender SEO to get them back up to speed and into the ranking of Google. It has been done before with Coincentral which was registered back in 1997.

It wasn’t built to do with crypto’s, but they saw an opportunity from the name. There are probably many like this sat dormant which are waiting for someone to come along and spot their potential.

If anything like this is found, any SEO is going to have a hard time with keywords as there’s a good chance most have been used quite a lot over the past 12 months.

To sum it all up, there are many ways of looking at SEO for cryptocurrencies. These range from the ones who are searching for crypto’s, ICO’s or anything else they might wish to invest in, and then there are the business opportunities which are out there.

SEO has a significant role to play, and as long the major player continue to push their online marketing, the future looks very bright.

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