4 Amazing Cryptocurrencies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Again the media is full of news regarding cryptocurrencies and their continual ups and downs in value. Couple this with all the things which seem to target Bitcoin and the entire scene is having a rough time.

All of this talk adds to the Bitcoin Bubble we so often hear about. That being said, the media never talk about the positive aspects of cryptocurrencies.

Here we show you 4 cryptocurrencies that deserve mention for what they offer for the future.

Best Altcoins to Buy Now

Cardano CryptocurrenciesCardano

This coin offers more than efficient financial transactions. It is a full technological platform where commercial applications can be created and mad use of by end users. These range from individuals, businesses all the way up to governments.

Cardano makes use of smart contracts to make sure all transactions are adhered to, and there is no possible way to undermine the deal.

All applications which are built are decentralized and have no control of by any single party.

All needs of end users are met while regulators are also covered. This means privacy is allowed while making sure all transactions are completed above board.

Monero CryptocurrenciesMonero

With all the talk of net neutrality and how it will affect end users in the future. Monero has taken the slant of providing full security and anonymity for their transactions.

Any payments or receipts are private, secure and untraceable which appeals to a vast number of individuals. This crypto remains in your control, and you are entirely responsible for what happens to it.

The coin is fungible. This comes into play if you receive any payments which have been used for any illicit transactions. In some cases, the coins are tainted, and this history remains with them forever.

On some occasions, these tarnished coins are valued less than clean coins. Now with being fungible, all of the crypto you have in your wallet will be worth full value, this coin might be different enough to be the upcoming cryptocurrency 2019 and beyond.

OmiseGo CryptocurrenciesOmiseGo

This coin is used for payment services and is based and backed in and around Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand. As with all decentralized services, it is owned by the users and OmiseGo has no hold over the coins.

The aim is to help individuals who are unable to have banking services to have a means of making or receiving electronic payments.

This is huge in remote areas where banking systems suffer from no infrastructure. OmiseGo uses the best of smart contract code from Ethereum which helps to make it secure and efficient when it comes to making transactions or using its services as a personal bank.

Verge CryptocurrenciesVerge

This is another privacy-focused cryptocurrency and aims to make sure transactions are fast, secure and anonymous.

As with all real decentralized services, there is no company in control, and the entire operation is open source.

Verge has taken the stance of how a user connects to the network in their quest to provide privacy and anonymity.

XVG have implemented the TOR network, this hides any user information by bouncing it around many nodes between the sender and the receiver.

XVG also makes use of the Electrum wallet which was initially designed for Bitcoin, so end users are safe in the knowledge that their offline storage is well catered for.

When it comes to coin mining, XVG hasn’t settled for only one method. Currently, there are five methods so all of these help with speed of confirmations and transactions.

All of these coins above offer more than enough difference to some of the leading contenders in the primary crypto market.

When anyone is looking for future investment, it is worthwhile checking these altcoins in more detail. If a splash is going to happen later in the year, some of these coins names might be there.

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