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Are you a cryptocurrency writer?

Do you have a cryptocurrency or blockchain project you want to write about?

Looking for Guest Post Opportunities?

Well then, write for us!

Cryptoive has been providing Cryptocurrency news and opinion for over 3 years and if you’ve got something to contribute let us know.

Do you want to write for us?

If you want to be a contributing writer make sure:

  • The content is original¬† – any duplicate content (>4%) will be rejected and the author blocked forever)
  • The content must be English only
  • The content must offer something to our readers and not be an advertorial
  • The content must not be misleading or “scammy” in nature.
  • The content must be at least 1,000 words

Ok so you’ve read the contributor guidelines and you still want to become a guest blogger then contact us at cryptoive@gmail.com

We don’t charge for links but we do charge for the editorial time to post – yes we have to pay our team too – so if you are looking for free guest posts don’t bother emailing.

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